~ Genesis Project Ohayō! ~

This music visual collaboration was produced with purpose, to manifest the creative vision of artists Raja The Tiger and timenotspace, and welcome the world to the dawn of Who R We Collective.
"Ohayō" is Japanese for "good morning"
Minted on 4/20/2021, this project marked a true genesis moment in these visionary creators' artistic career trajectory, as their first official studio project collaboration culminated in the Ethereum Mainnet minting of a series of unique, high quality audiovisual works of art. 
"A light version, and a dark version"
the background
In early January of 2021, timenotspace created these two renders inspired by the Japanese characters for "music" ("ongaku"). 
 Before posting the renders publicly, timenotspace consulted with Who R We Collective founder Raja The Tiger, to produce original music to represent the essence of each visual loop.
The duality of this quick music visual collaboration was the starting point for what would over the next 4.5 months evolve into an ambitious 2-song masterwork project, complete with a series of corresponding 1/1 art pieces and high quality limited music visual collectibles. This served as the genesis project for the Who R We Collective founders to explore organically building this community, according to their unique vision, giving every member unprecedented access into a next-gen creative organization.
During the early months of 2021, Who R We Collective explored web3: marketplaces and minting platforms, concepts like wearables and different types of NFTs, smart contract solutions, various integration tools, the still young metaverse (Decentraland, as well as other metaverse platforms), etc. Raja The Tiger and timenotspace saw the gleam of freedom - across multiple philosophical levels - and the promise of a sustainable and prosperous future that decentralization provides, and sought to steer the still-fledgling organization of W.R.W.C. in that direction, first and foremost.
Much thought, testing, and background research went into establishing how they, as creators, would debut and move within this pre-mainstream, ever-shifting "web3 landscape" of limited art drops, digital collectibles, manufactured scarcity, meme projects, already-famous artists, fomo, scams, and the rare bit of genuine community building...
To best portray the scale of their vision, timenotspace and Raja The Tiger chose a multi-faceted approach to making their artistry available to fans and collectors, and building out the Who R We Collective community.
1 ~ They created and minted a bespoke series of eternally looping, 1/1 audiovisual scenes corresponding to each song, using custom workflows to take full advantage of multiple advanced studio technologies.
2 ~ They produced a complete 1/1 music visual masterwork incorporating both sides of the project (viewable in full at the top of this page). This combined all the rendered works, and was mixed live by artist timenotspace to give the piece unique audio-reactive effects, seen across multiple layers.
3 ~ A limited music visual collectible known as a Tiger Token was forged to correspond with each song. They were minted as our first 1/1000 digital collectibles. Each is a beautiful seamlessly looping audiovisual token and a membership pass that unlocks secret channels, unique perks, and lifetime discounts.
 4 ~ Who R We Collective began implementing the buildout of a broad-reaching and diverse Community Discord Server, to serve as a central social hub and a place incubate the numerous branches of the collective. Alongside this, Raja The Tiger and timenotspace pushed deeper into the physical and digital design and fashion realms. Custom clothing lines inspired by their live music visual performances and overarching brand vision were designed, more integrations were built out, and an array of foundational setup was completed.
 🌐 🌌 💙
Please enjoy this unique genesis project ~